Whether you are an established firm or a start up businessman you might have come to know the importance of digital marketing for your business success. Bringing in aid from digital marketing experts accelerates profits due to their expeditious marketing techniques. PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is one of them.

PPC advertising has recently gained popularity for being a very effective method to increase revenues, sales and leads. Many marketers engage in running PPC campaigns which they claim to be the best. But there is no such thing as the best in PPC marketing because it’s a capricious process which demands continuous research and refinement. Although in terms of producing results, search advertising is much swifter than organic search marketing. But an effective PPC campaign implements both which ultimately drives more traffic, increases sales and boost brand recognition.

Gratis Soft Solutions is a goal driven digital marketing and sales enablement company located in Zirakpur. Our PPC experts are dexterous in building stable foundations for running successful PPC campaign. We focus on executing our resourceful PPC strategy though key planning and skilled optimization methods.

Some of our key features

  • Effective and efficient target campaign
  • Bring targeted and quality traffic to your website
  • Create compelling PPC ads
  • Achieve target of more than 50 keywords
  • Automatic bid management
  • Specialized in making Ad relevant landing page
  • Constant review and websitetracking to ensure flow of traffic via Google Adwords
  • Handling most number of keyword searches
  • Geo location and device targeting
  • Experienced Ad specialist team tasked with campaigning
  • Negative keyword filtering
  • Campaign assessment
  • Reasonable service charges
  • Serving start-up businesses as well as small scale businesses
  • Fair and better performance with competition monitoring
  • Routine report and feedback


First let’s have a quick view of PPC advertising:


What is PPC?


Pay-per-click marketing is an internet marketing model which drives traffic to websites on a user’s visit and when an ad is clicked by the user the advertiser pays the website owner.

With PPC, websites or search engines let advertisers to bid on keywords relevant to their business which is a comparatively fast process than content marketing. The winning bidder gets to appear on the first search result page.

PPC services are an efficient strategy for digital promotion of your products which incorporates both SEO and SMO techniques.


Among other marketers in the business why should you choose us?


Why does Your Business Need our PPC Advertising?


PPC management requires a lot of work in order to ensure success of an ad campaign by bringing in more visitors and increasing the conversion rate. With effective strategies, maximum profit is gained by the advertiser as PPC campaigns minimizes extra expenditure on the marketing products.

We offer smart marketing services to you which makes sure overall efficiency of the campaign as well as higher rate of conversion.

We have quite a few reasons for you to choose working with us:

1) Affordable budget

We follow a transparent mode of service charges with no hidden add-ons. We decide over the project budget via a thoroughly discussed arrangement and determine our rates purely on performance basis.

2) Experienced PPC Experts

We have a well assembled team of PPC experts who have an excellent record of running successful PPC campaigns for clients in India, U.S., Australia.

Our professional team has expertise in bringing in more revenues and high conversion rate for your project.

3) User friendly and increased conversions


Our main motto is to increase clicks per visit and conversion rate.

We make sure to increase the number of visitors on your webpage by providing satisfying information and turn them into potential customers.

We also work to reduce cost per click in order to prevent any extra expenditure on your behalf thus total value of your money.

4) Our work ethic

We create and monitor your advertisement and also optimize it for more website visitors.

We take full charge of the paid ad campaign and follow through a strategic plan until our client gets what they asked for. We make sure the campaigns are clear, logical and are set up in the best possible manner.

 5) We offer other services as well

We also offer Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing and Customized Paid Campaigns for Social Media, Google Paid Search, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing Services to all size of businesses who wish to promote their brand online and expand their business.

Our dedicated team provides you services laced with latest trends which are in-sync with Google algorithm making us Best Digital Marketing company in Chandigarh. We have ample experience in managing a wide variety of businesses and thus are well aware of market standards.

6) We promise punctual and quality work

Our quality work starts with designing an attractive landing page which is what brings more visitors to the site and make them interested in the services offered.

The target set out by us is made sure to be achieved at all cost before the deadline and with best results.

7) Systematic Reporting

We follow a transparent and sincere work protocol as we believe in maintaining a healthy relationship with our clients and once hired we make sure to bring success to you by managing a productive marketing campaign. We sum up all the details of our work and submit routine reports to our clients so they can keep check on our progress.

8) Tried and Tested Strategies


For successful conversion of visitors on our client’s website we target specific audience of different niche.

We have experts who are well accustomed to attract audiences around their specific geographic location according to their requirements.

We have also successfully implemented our device targeting strategies which is frequently becoming more effective among today’s digitalised generation.

Let me summarize more details of our work strategy:

Our strategy

We stay highly committed to our strategically devised work plan and follow a fail-safe pattern to bring maximum results.

Let me elaborate step by step:

1. We set goals for the project

We start by making sure of defining your goals and implement suitable plans to execute it.

We help you to reach your decided objectives with possible modifications and desirable outcomes.

2. Keywords Research

Requisite keyword is the most vital essential of a successful PPC campaign. It is imperative to scout the most searched keywords.

We make sure to select out the most relevant keyword and impose it into the page content. We make keywords long and relevant enough to be matched with the searched items.

We make sure to embed the brand and the related trademark within the keywords so that it gets a close match up with the search.

3. Advertisement creation

We create useful and attractive ads which are satisfying for users which increases Google relevancy and less charges per click thus higher overall profit. 

We add ad extensions and highlight the ad texts with most searched keywords. 

We write useful ad texts which are user friendly and thus leads to more converted clicks. 

We make sure to examine the performance of the created ads and campaign on a frequent basis.

4. Formation of Landing page

Landing pages that provide the right information and useful facts lands more visitors. We create engaging landing pages with less navigations for getting undiverted visitor’s attention.

We do not invest in making pages crowded with unwanted information which makes it look too heavy and boring. We keep on updating features on landing page making it relevant and refined.

5. Competition Analysis

We analyse the content of your advertisement and work on effective optimization so that there would be no hinderance in the quality of the webpage.

Along with taking care of the content optimization we also keep up a fair competitive attitude taking note of rival’s project progress and newly launched ideas.

6. Account set-up

We help you to accelerate your online sales and maintain a moderate influx of potential visitors by creating an account for you in Google Adwords.

Google Adwords allows local as well as global advertisement. This will give wider dimension to your campaign and increase frequent clicks.

7. Tracking Installations and Testing

Making an account allows us to track the site performance. For monitoring how well the site is doing we use account manager to analyse the stats through analytics programs.

The account manager uses Google analytics to measure the correct pattern of Google Adwords and choose which keywords are profitable for more clicks and conversion.

We follow proper tools to document the site performance.

8. Campaign launch

After creating an Ad and launching it we make sure to create new and innovative campaign. We make sure to regulate it’s continuity and efficacy by adding PPC keywords, negative keywords, analyse costly keywords and up-scaling landing pages.

9. Performance assessment

We pay special attention to the site performance and keep a regular check.

Our mainfocus is on high priority keywords and filter low performing keywords.

We regularly review records of negative keyword

Our PPC experts work diligently on keyword bidding optimisation.

10. Campaign monitoring

An unprepared and lacking campaign is injurious to traffic inflow schemes. We make sure our launched campaigns are perfectly structured and effectively functioning.

We keep on reviewing our updates on a regular basis so as to avoid any shortcomings.

11. Reporting and feedback

We maintain a close relationship to our clients and keep on updating them about work progress and any new upcoming plan that might prove beneficial to the campaign.

Come and hire best PPC services for you!


 Gratis Soft Solutions aims in delivering successful PPC services to its clients. With our strategically planned and innovative fail-safe campaigns we have very weak chances of letting you down. We value your money and your trust in us and hence provide affordable and best PPC services.

Maximise your pay per click efforts with out professional marketing experts.


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