If you are an avid business investor or start up business owner, you must be already aware of the significance of Google Adwords in online business operations. If not, then it’s basically Google’s online advertising program which runs on paid advertising. That is, pay per click advertising in which whenever a visitor clicks your Ad, you are obliged to pay Google.

Simply getting an up and running Ad across the web is not as simple as it seems, it actually requires a great deal of work. Many business novices who have tried paid advertising without proper planning sooner or later come to realize that their budget complications got bigger than their campaign strategies.

This is particularly due to lack of consistent optimization and efficient marketing tactics which can prove to be harmful for a business.  

Here are 8 tips that suggests auxiliary marketing tips that can help you obtain more revenues from your Adword campaigns and accelerate your website traffic and conversions.


Tip No. 1: Set Your Goals!

The first and foremost step is to measure your campaign’s goal. What you are looking to accomplish through your campaign? Make specific priorities such as online sign ups or sales, your audience’s motive of action through query form or making a purchase, cost per conversion or monthly leads generation.

Understanding your goals affect your Adwords campaign structure and management which ultimately decides your profit quotient.

Tip No. 2: Devise Your Campaign Strategy


As being said before, start laying out your campaign structure with thorough research of your target audience, competitors, keywords, geographic location, targeted ad groups.


2.1) Utilize Google’s Geo targeting feature

Location wise audience targeting gives faster results than on a widely distributed term. Target your potential customers in certain geographic locations which gives your Campaign extra leverage and edge.


2.2) Select proven keywords 

You must be aware of the importance of keywords for successful Adwords campaign. Use specific and targeted keywords only. For instance, mention distinctive feature or standard dimension of the product.This makes your efforts reach to interested customers who can turn into effective conversions.

You can use different keyword strategies for an effective campaign:

(i) Negative Keywords

Negative keywords play pivotal role in directing relevant users to your advertisements and filter out unrelated phrases from your keywords. You have full control of what is to be displayed on Google if you can identify and manage negative keywords.


(ii) Your Brand Keywords

Run ads for your own brand name or brand related keywords. The chances of conversion with your brand specific ads is much higher than your regular ads. When users see your Ads with your brand name, they get more specific introduction and get influenced to visit your website.


(iii) Your Competition Keywords

There are always some competitors out there who target your brand keywords for their own ads. You can counteract by running searches for your own ads which includes your competitors’ name.

2.3) Choose the Best Keyword Matching for your campaign

There are 4 major keyword matching options which control similarity of your keyword with users’ search for your Ad display. The match types consist of the following:

  • Broad Match
  • Modified Broad Match
  • Phrase match
  • Exact Match

(i) Broad Match:

Try to not use any broad match as sometimes it does not give relevancy to your keywords. Moreover this can be costly if your ads gets directed to irrelevant users.

(ii) Modified Broad Match:

Ads are displayed on searches containing the keyword in any order. this match ensures that each word in your keyword is included in the Google search query.This gives you control over your ad impressions and avoid irrelevant users.

(iii) Phrase Match:

Phrase match allows you to target potential customers. In order for your ad to show up, phrase match requires your keyword to appear in the order same as a search query.

(iv) Exact Match:

The user have to type in the exact keyword that you have used for your Ad’s visibility. Although using keywords entirely on Exact matches minimize your chances of getting ad impressions and there is a risk of missing out on potential customers.

Tip No. 3: Ad Copy Optimization and Competitor Analysis


  • Users get to know about your brand through your band’s ad copy.Design creative Ads taking your target audience under consideration. While optimizing your ad copy, you should make your ads beneficial to users. Not by any means should you adopt misleading content. That will only give rise to angry customers and wasted clicks. By anticipating your users’ issues, offer them benefits driven solutions. This lures more potential users to your site.
  • Ad extensions and site links give users more reasons to click on your ads. Utilize Ad extensions such as Reviews and Ratings, Download App, Call Us, Get Directions,  
  • A relevant and useful landing page should be your next preference. Make your landing page impression for users consistent with your ads. Match your landing page copy with your Ad copy by designing your landing page contents according to your Ad details. Make the information listed on your landing page transparent and comprehensive.
  • Learn from your competitors’ Ad copy. The most skilled marketing experts compare their Ads with other sellers and learn from their progress. This is a healthy practice you should follow too in order to stay ahead of your competitors. You can compare your viewer’s ratings and sort out their issues which will increase your ratings and conversions.

Tip No. 4: Optimize your Conversions through Split Testing


Split testing is the method of testing different versions of a web site against one another to choose the one that works best. 

Set up your Ad groups with different segments( 2 Ads per group) and create your ads for each. This help you analyse your Ads’ performance and discard the low performing ones. This saves your money and gives better user experience.


Tip No. 5: Special Offers for Google Shopping Ads


Implementing special offers makes your Ad stand out. Users are enticed by new and attractive offers that they find comparatively useful.

Your special offers should be made as per market standards. Compare your competitors market offers with yours and keep on updating accordingly. Your offers should be more attractive and compelling than your rivals’.

Special offers makes your brand exclusive with sales offers, shopping codes and influential call to action.


Tip No. 6: Conversion Tracking


When you track your conversions, it helps you trace those Ads and keywords that have been proven to be successful. It also informs you about your campaign progress.

Track your sales results with Adwords conversion tracking for gaining knowledge about nature of return of investment that your campaigns are delivering.

Alter your campaigns when necessary and regularly perform conversion comparison with your decided goals.


Tip No. 7: Perform Quality Score Check


Google assesses the quality of your Ads and landing pages and assign quality score based on that. It sets the scoring on a scale of 1 to 10. Each of your keywords are given quality scores and can be found in your Adwords account.

Keeping your content relevant and beneficial to users allots you with high Google quality scores which proves essential for your campaign success in many ways.

Your highly ranked Ads secure top positions on search pages,

They become eligible for Ad auctions,

Google lowers cost value for high quality Ads and ad extensions which are crucial for your landing pages can be easily added into your high rated Ad.  


Tip No. 8: Take Advantage from Professional Partners


No matter how hard you try to manage your campaigns on your own, there are certain halt points when you get stagnant results and start wondering what went wrong. Let me tell you there could be nothing wrong with your Ads and Ad campaigns, the only thing that s uncertain is- market. It’s ever changing and unpredictable. Carrying whole campaign all by yourself is not a smart approach to deal with it. Partner with professional experts who are well versed with latest marketing trends and share your burden with favourable outcome.

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