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With the escalating graph of daily internet users, global communication has widen its range via cyber world. This has given major boost to the online marketing and advertisement industry. Digital marketing has become the go to marketing strategy adopted by all sort of business owners. It’s become the most efficient and instantaneous marketing method with more merits than demerits.

Utilizing the most trendy and effective digital marketing methods, Gratis Soft Solutions thrive on giving new standards to your business.

 We, at Gratis Soft Solutions, create, curate and enhance our diversified digital marketing strategies aimed at helping you to attain your business objectives by influencing the potential target customers.

Our experienced team of professionals are dedicated to implement strategically planned digital marketing campaigns to promote and expand your business online.

We offer a diverse range of digital marketing services

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing process which increases the number of visitors to a particular website by keeping the website search results on a search engine at highest ranks.

Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing process which increases a particular website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) visibility and promotes it through advertising and optimization.

Social Media Optimization is the process of increasing brand or product awareness, building brand image, connecting with the customers, and attracting visitors through social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing is a digital marketing process which uses social networking websites to promote brands and increase their exposure on the social media channels and widen customer reach.

Pay-per-click marketing is an internet marketing model which drives traffic to websites on a user’s visit and when an ad is clicked by the user the advertiser pays the website owner.

 Website Design and development is the building and development of websites for hosting via internet. The web development process includes web design, web content development and Website management.

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.


Here is a quick summary of our digital marketing services 

Search Engine Marketing services

Our features that help your business grow        

Our work ethic

We harbour customized and result oriented marketing plans to meet the need of every type of business. We understand that every business has different requirements thus with proper research we plan our strategies accordingly.


Our team provides in-house SEM services

Our dedicated SEM specialists operate the daily tasks of helping your website move up in the search results for relevant keywords right from our office unlike other SEM agencies who outsource their work to external providers to do disastrous optimization at cheaper rates


We Specialize In Google Ranking Factors

 We have 96% lead conversion success rate, 62% increase in sales revenues and 24% lesser marketing cost stats.We are an efficient digital marketing company with service departments for pivotal Google ranking factors for website designsocial media marketing, and advertising.

Our team provides in-house SEM services

Our dedicated SEM specialists operate the daily tasks of helping your website move up in the search results for relevant keywords right from our office unlike other SEM agencies who outsource their work to external providers to do disastrous optimization at cheaper rates


Our proven SEM process includes 7 main phases

Keyword research We thrive on researching for effective keyword phrases and thorough selection processes which leads to success of our campaigns.

Analysis of Competition We promote self growth by analysing progress of our competitors. We keep well studied track of their strategies, their market share, their USP, their promotion tactics, and their business agenda.

Content Optimization Content optimization is crucial for making your website SERPs friendly. Our optimization strategies makes sure to review and rectify the whole components of your website making them accountable and search engine friendly.

Performance Analysis We have a working agenda of carrying out our campaigns with the vision of overall execution and deliberation.Our sole motive is to carry out a successful campaign and keep maintaining its proficiency. We have a strict work policy accounted with performance measures and attainability scope of set targets.

Multifarious media advertisement We facilitate our Ad campaigns on multitude of search engine channels. We have successfully carried out our campaigns for our clients using multitude marketing modules such as Google Ads, PPC campaigns, social media Ads, You tube Ads to increase revenues and ROI.

Landing page optimization We exclusively optimise landing pages as per their accountability and attributes. Our optimization process keeps in consideration that a landing page is a crucial factor of any successful digital marketing campaign as it can generate possible leads and ultimately profitable sales.

PPC probing Our PPC campaign assessments are uniquely designed to find out those specific areas which needs improvement. Our audits are specifically result oriented and conducted by our well experienced team of PPC experts.

Search Engine Optimization services

Our vital features

Our ensemble team of experts

We harbour customized and result oriented marketing plans to meet the need of every type of business.Our work ethic makes us proficient in executing our plans before deadlines.We have 96% lead conversion success rate, 62% increase in sales revenues and 24% lesser marketing cost stats.

Updated work folio

 We keep on updating ourselves with the latest marketing trends. We do-not simply adhere to the old tried and tested methods but upgrade as per the ever changing industry algorithms.

 Self optimization

 With smart error-proofing mechanisms we tend to minimise any inevitable overlooking and rectify them for timely delivery.

 Multifarious services

 Gratis Soft Solutions offers a diverse field of services such as SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, PPC, content marketing, website design and development; which we work upon diligently until your business goals have been achieved.We run a strong global network, targeting a broad range of world wide audience for expanding your business recognition.We follow our “observe and grow” policy towards our competitor’s progress, since healthy rivalry is a beneficial business practice.


 Feedback and monitoring

 As mentioned earlier, we highly value our client’s trust and thus give them complete charge of monitoring their project’s performance. We follow through our routine feedback system for any possible improvements or rare complaints.Our proven strategies leads to increased conversion of traffic, higher sales and better ROI.


 Relevant budget distribution

we value your money and understand the importance of effective cost investment thus you will find our services more relevant and budget friendly than others.We have 100% transparent business agenda with no hidden service charges.


Our work process

Keyword research

 With the help of our latest keyword research tools we find out the most relevant and trendy keywords to enhance your website’s online visibility.


Competition analysis

We believe in healthy SEO practice and carefully analyse the progress of your competition for self-improvement and upgrade.


 On and Off page optimization

 We implement our SEO campaign keeping in mind the ever evolving Google algorithm and make sure that your site has only original and useful content which is the key factor for getting top rank on SERPs.We utilize external resources to operate off-page activities.


Website audit

We routinely evaluate your website performance as per SEO fundamentals and Google’s ranking system, citing needed improvements and error proofing.



Back link analysis

 We engage in creating and analysing quality back links for your website which are authentic and carry appropriate information for user’s complete satisfaction.


 Our SEO campaigns are error-proof because we perform routine rectification activities and keep close account of site ranking. With regular updation regime we bring up productive traffic and site ranking.




Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing services


Our SMO and SMM services on Social Media Platforms

Facebook Marketing Services

We help in your business growth through the most popular social media platform. Some of the paid advertisements offered by Facebook are page post engagement, page likes, website clicks, conversions, App installs, App engagement.

YouTube Advertising Services

YouTube revenues of successful YouTube commercials are off the charts. We pamper our YouTube users with attractive Ads and strive on running influential Ad campaigns.

Instagram Marketing Services

 The most visually engaging social media platform has tons of daily visitors. With our SMM strategies we promote your brand via product and promotional Ads.

Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter has over 400 million users and is widely visited. We help increase your brand recognition through promoting tweets, accounts, website care, product card, summary card, etc. 

Pinterest Marketing Services

We advertise on Pinterest via promotional campaigns for engagement, impressions and conversions.

LinkedIn Marketing Service

LinkedIn is a highly useful social media platform among college crowd and professionals. With relevance to the mass we run display Ads, content promotion Ads, text Ads, etc.

Our campaign includes

 Planning a campaign

 We collaborate with our clients to plan exciting social media ad campaigns to improve visibility.

 Advertising management

 We plan advertisements to be cost effective and well structured so that it targets the ideal customers.

 Report & Analysis of Campaign

 he performance of each and every campaign is carefully monitored, analyzed and adjusted accordingly so to meet the trend throughout its journey.

Our work strategy

Social media marketing strategy

Fallowing a series of carefully analysed pattern, we understand your goals and create our campaign as per our SMO strategies which are in sync with less expenditure and more profit.


 Competitive analysis

We keep a healthy track of rival’s progress and learn from their agenda. It is necessary to be aware of your progress from others point of view. As you alone can’t be the judge of your own performance, we take careful notes from observing what is being circulated on the media about your products.

Targeted lead generation

 We understand the general mindset of our audience and implement out protocol accordingly in order to attract maximum attention and directing sizable number of users to your brand thus leading to conversed traffic.


Campaigns in-sync with present times

 We work on making updated and regularly monitored campaigns for making your brand advertisement suitable for the ever evolving tech-savvy generation. Since ample amount of crowd are 24/7 active on social media their priorities are also frequently changing making us swift enough to use new and improved tactics on regular intervals.

Effective recommended linked channels

 With our useful and sufficient recommendations on main as well as linked sites, we optimize your brand relevancy and generate significant leads.


 Effective content distribution

 Great content is all it takes for proper brand description and popularity. The social media users are smart and they only look up to those brands which they find relevant and useful.We rely on effective content development and building a loyal mass of audience who find your brands trustworthy.

 Blog marketing

 Blogs are powerful media for publicizing brands on websites along with their features and merits. We run out advertisement campaigns via recommendations and reviews by our bloggers as well as through Ad-linked blogs.

 Monitor Your Ads and Optimize

 We keep consistent track of our campaign and identify low-performing areas. We can add or delete campaigns according to the stats until our set targets are achieved. We can install conversion tracking on your advertisements which will keep you updated about the conversion rate from our campaigns.

Pay Per Click Advertising services

Our work process

Formulations and Execution

We make sure to select out high priority keywords and filter low performing keywords.We add ad extensions and highlight the ad texts with most searched keywords which are user friendly and thus leads to more converted clicks.We keep on updating features on landing page making it relevant and refined.

Account set-up

We help you to accelerate your online sales and maintain a moderate influx of potential visitors by creating an account for you in Google Adwords.Google Adwords allows local as well as global advertisement. This will give wider dimension to your campaign and increase in frequent clicks.

Competition analysis

Along with taking care of the content optimization we also keep up a fair competitive attitude taking note of rival’s project progress and newly launched ideas.

Campaign launch

After creating an Ad and launching it we make sure to create new and innovative campaign. We make sure to regulate it’s continuity and efficacy by adding PPC keywords, negative keywords, analyse costly keywords and up-scaling landing pages.


We make sure our launched campaigns are perfectly structured and effectively functioning. We keep on reviewing our updates on a regular basis so as to avoid any shortcomings.

Reporting and feedback

We maintain a close relationship with our clients and keep on updating them about work progress and any new upcoming plans that might prove beneficial to the campaign.

Our key features

Gratis Soft Solutions PPC service
Affordable budget
Skilled PPC experts
user friendly and increased conversions
update and optimaization
miscellaneous Digital Marketing services
systematic reporting and feedbacking
geographic and device targeted campaign

Website Design and Development services

Our work process

Research and Intel-gathering

We start our development process with collecting information regarding the goal of the website, the targeted audience Intel, your company required details, basic necessities, etc.

Design preferences

After taking under consideration the complete review, your website needs and preferences will be taken from you via a set of questions mentioning specific features to be integrated on your website.

Planning and groundwork

 Our Website Designers will be in touch with you for discussion sessions about the planning information and building the website wire-frame and design elements.  



 We start with the program coding followed through by a thorough website analysis, functional link creation and content addition. The website is then prepared to be launched after the final assessment.

Website Launch

After making sure of the proper functionality of the website, the website is finally uploaded and re-checked.


We offer website maintenance plans to assist you with routine updates and security of your website.


 Services offered by Gratis Soft Solutions

Website Design Services

 Gratis Soft Solutions offers compendious Website Design services laden with well thought out graphics and layouts. We deliver unique, innovative and user friendly design services.

Our well experienced team of Web designers and Graphic designers create layout concepts based on clients’ requirements, industry best practices and market trends.We design websites that help you generate the most conversions.



 Website Development Services

Gratis Soft Solutions strives to develop productive E-commerce enabled websites. Our skilled Web developers specializes in building dynamic and efficient websites utilizing advanced technologies as per the market standards. We follow a highly disciplined in-depth development process with high quality output.

Our E-Commerce enabled websites provide the most cost-effective online promotion solutions for your business and are advantageous over conventional business methods having faster and broader clientele approach.

Website Maintenance Services

Gratis Soft Solutions offers effective website maintenance services which enable you to keep your website updated and consistent in performance.

 Content Writing and Marketing services

We create appealing, relevant and valuable content for your website to attract and engage your users. We accomplish this by analyzing your requirements as well as your customers’ and then implement out marketing strategies designed to bring desired results.

We carry expertise in creative writing, technical writing, business writing, Academic writing, etc carried out by our strong team of creative writers, technical writers and SEO experts.



Content Management System services

 There are several benefits of our CMS website development services:

Admin Control Management

Powerful Plug-ins

SEO Friendly Website

Better Generation of Content

Highly cost Effective

Easily Manageable websites


  • Web 2.0 based designing and developmentwith competitive service costs
  • Word Press/HTML/PHP Language development
  • Quality Content for Products Categories
  • Responsive Websites in all devices
  • Fast loading and validated websites
  • Time Bound Project Completion
  • All websites cross-browser compatible
  • Professionaland relevant websites
  • We ensureclient engagement at regular intervals
  • Complete transparency about website progress
  • User friendly, Simple navigation
  • SEOfriendly and clean coding
  • Creative & Latest Designing as per your approval
  • Online Feedback and Suggestion of Customer
  • Ensured After Sales Services
  • Relevant and useful content foruser
  • Products Promotions
  • Google Business Listing 
  • Social Media Link Page Creation & Link Building
  • Website Sitemaps
  • Google Location Map

Content Marketing services

Our work strategy

Content Marketing Formulation

For crafting a full-proof strategy first we gather thoroughly researched information about your target audience and your business product. For making an appealing Ad for the users basic necessities has to be fulfilled in the first place.We make a reviewed list of our content titles and briefly summarize about the whole project.We can arrange weekly reports for you to analyze the calibre of the project and suggest recommendations.

Content Development and Auditing

 Our professional content writing team are responsible for writing accurate and relevant content. We create targeted keyword lists and optimize them for easy search by the users on the internet. We consistently publish our contents to your website on daily basis to stay visible under recommended advertisements. 

Content Distribution via various marketing services

Our content marketing services incorporates your content distribution to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumbler, etc.We also offer to provide our other marketing services such as SMM, SMO, Social Media Advertising services for more influential content distribution. Availing from such ensemble of marketing strategies we help you promote your brand by building a perpetual row of potential buyers.

 Content Marketing Reporting

After analysing our data reports regarding traffic rate and time spent by new users on your website we let you measure all relevant data and progress via our monthly reports. 

Our content marketing niche


We devise thoroughly planned content marketing strategies aiming at the results you want to achieve.


We create influential and relevant content that marks your brand’s presence across the online community. 


We imply tested and proven promotion strategies to successfully reach your target audience on various social media platforms.

Performance Tracking

We provide our clients with exact measurement, analysis and timely reports.

  • SEO Copy-writingservices
  • Web page content
  • Product description
  • Meta titles and Meta descriptions
  • Press release
  • Info-graphics
  • Advertisement
  • content writing
  • Presentations
  • Social Media content
  • Blog Writing
  • Case Studies

Gratis Soft Solutions is the best results driven digital marketing company offering services in various cities including Himachal Pradesh, where you can completely rely on our business standards as we have an innovative yet effective mode of operation proved by our steady list of high client retention rate.

Our hard working team focuses on marketing and influential brand exposure as a whole, providing you an efficient marketing campaign and top search engine rankings.

We are sincerely devoted to the success of our clients and intend to build enduring relationships with them, with best-quality work and concrete results.