Let’s say, that you have made a spectacular Ad and circulated it on the web via social media sites such as, Facebook and now are waiting for results to flow in.

Instead, you get your account blocked!

“Your Ad account has been flagged due to our policy violations. Any ads you’re running have been disabled…… please consider this decision final.”

This is a sample of the dreaded notification from Facebook that causes huge disruption in your Facebook Ad campaign.This is devastating because the amount of time and money you’ve spent on Ad campaigns now appears to be gone!

Don’t be disheartened yet! Facebook has certain protocols that allows you to get the answers you need and implement possible solutions.

First things first,

Why Does Facebook Posts get Flagged?

Facebook has absolute no tolerance policy for any content that promote:

Violence, criminal behavior, suicide, self-injury, drug abuse, child porn and sexual exploitation, nudity, objectionable content, bullying, harassment, hate speech, and any other antisocial movement. 

Naturally these are the posts that gets flagged rightfully. There is no solution in such cases and your account is shut down for good!

But it becomes a hassle when your content is malice free yet gets the notification.


Facebook relies on artificial intelligence and user reports to identify content that pose violation to its policy. Its Community Operations team reviews the reported content and follow the necessary protocol.

You may find reports from users all over the web, complaining their accounts getting flagged by Facebook when nothing was wrong with their content.

In order to solve flagging issues, you need to understand how Facebook algorithm functions.

For that let’s divide this into two forums:

Flagging reasons that are unrecoverable and ultimately lead to account shut down

Flagging reasons that are recoverable

let’s go through each one after another:

Inevitable Blocking Causes: Flagging Reasons that are Unrecoverable


In addition to the malicious Ad accounts, following are the possible causes for account flagging and permanent shut down:


  • Running Ads as soon as your account was created
  • Using two separate accounts simultaneously for advertising a single Ad
  • Advertisement with content on dating and relationships
  • Ads for a third party
  • Ads for a client’s website on their behalf
  • Website promotion with a forwarded URL
  • Getting likes from non linked web pages

If your account has operated any of the above activity then there is no other alternative other than creating a new Facebook Ad account.

You can try requesting appeals as much as you like, although, result will be the same.

When you decide to ultimately make a new Facebook Ad account or use an old account, keep in mind that:

  • Your new account should NOT contain any of the above listed content or activity
  • Keep it steady: don’t repeat the same mistakes and avoid making Ads on your Facebook account for at least a month or so. This is to prevent sending any false account indication to Facebook algorithm.
  • After successfully setting up your new account, use a new credit/debit card for your Facebook Ad promotion purposes
  • Don’t promote same Ads as before. Facebook keeps check on blocked account content and will flag your new account if it finds resemblance.
  • Make safe and friendly Ad content first. When your Facebook Ad account picks up the pace, then steadily incorporate your substantial Ads.
  • Always keep in mind what not to do ever with this new account.

Flagging Reasons that are Recoverable


If you partook in none of the above activities that lead to irreversible account blocking, then you might be in luck.

Check out the following listed activities that can earn you Facebook lenience:

  • Address on funding source and Facebook does-not match
  • If listed credit/ debit card has crossed their validity period
  • Your name and address on your credit/ debitcard does-not match with your Facebook account
  • Unusual payment activities that neglect Facebook policy
  • Created Facebook Ads from a different IP address
  • Advertisinga non existing uniform Resource Locator (URL)
  • Made n number of changes to the original Ad

Inspect your Ad account for the above mentioned activities. If you find any such activities in your account, immediately rectify them.


If Facebook flags your account for any of the listed reasons, it will notify you with a description of violated terms and give you the option to request an appeal. After receiving your request Facebook will inform you within 24 hours about its decision to restore or remove your account. 

Usually making an honest appeal containing all the details of the changes that you made in your Ad account, works in your favour and your Facebook compliant account is restored.

If not, as happened in few cases, you would have to make a new Ad account, keeping in mind all the terms and previous mistakes.


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