Enterprise IT Services


Gratis Soft Solutions  provides IT services and solutions, including help desk and service desk operations; end-user IT support, incident response and trouble resolution; data center design, operations and maintenance; server, software and applications administration; and critical and specialized computer system support and maintenance. Gratis Soft Solutions ’ End-User Support services include End-User Device Management, End-User Software Management, Mobile Device Management, Print Device Management,
Messaging/Collaboration, Infrastructure Services, Enterprise Services Desk (ESD), Local Service Desks, End-User Standards, and IT Security.

Gratis Soft Solutions integrates ITIL based processes and practices with industry leading tools and applications to provide responsive and effective IT services, troubleshooting and resolution; the highest levels of customer satisfaction; and maximum system availability and accessibility. Additionally, Gratis Soft Solutions staff of ITSM Service Now and Remedy support provide 360 degrees of ITSM project/product stewardship, cloud strategy and Enterprise Architecture.

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Service

Gratis Soft Solutions staff of engineers and security specialists design IT security architectures and support IT security organizations in policy development, compliance, and operations functions (via a Security OperationsCenter). SPS technologist also provide intrusion detection and monitoring support, along with the establishment and operations of robust continuous monitoring.

Big Data Analytics

Gratis Soft Solutions  industry leading Big Data specialists have extensive experience in data intensive analytics using open source and cloud computing technologies. Our SMEs leverage years of heritage from complex applications; capturing, processing, managing, and analyzing complex and heterogeneous measurements from many types of data points using a an “information-model driven approach”. Gratis Soft Solutions’ approach is to decouple architecture, that can scale and be operated in a variety of environments allowing for rapid upgrades as components evolve such as new databases, different messaging systems, and different tools for automated data analytics.

Data Science

Gratis Soft Solutions  is slowly but surely is developing a Data Science practice where it’s staff of engineers work on projects entailing the development and operations of data intensive and data-driven science systems, methodologies and technologies in data intensive systems and data science.  This includes:


  • Scalable and Decoupled architectures
  •  Advanced data/cyberinfrastructure infrastructures
  •  Information architectures & Information models
  •  Machine learning algorithms & Statistical methodologies
  • Visualization
  •  Big data open source technologies/tools
  •  Data preservation and management

Multidiscipline Engineering Services

Gratis Soft Solutions  provides diversified multidiscipline mission lifecycle engineering services, solving some the most technologically challenging problems. Our Engineers have a significant experience supporting the civil space industry providing solutioning for spaceflight and ground technology platforms; sustaining engineering; payload facility; research mission integration; and operations services. Gratis Soft Solutions  has
significant strengths in the following functional areas:


  • Systems Engineering
  • Manufacturing, Design and Development
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Assembly, Integration and Test
  • Metal Fab, Machining and Instrumentation Requirements